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Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga is a wonderful form of meditation and not an exercise as practiced in other forms of yoga. In fact, the word yoga actually means 'union' and Sahaja 'spontaneous'. Therefore, Sahaja Yoga is a system of meditation with the aim of helping a person find 'spontaneous unity' with the energy of the universe.

As a result of regularly practicing Sahaja Yoga, many health benefits can be experienced, both physically and mentally. This is achieved through activating a powerful internal form of energy, called Kundalini, which once activated begins to cleanse your subtle-system, comprised of 7 chakras until union is achieved.

Sahaja Yoga, also works in a similar way to five element acupuncture in that it recognises, and uses the elements of Nature to achieve its aims. Therefore, it is highly recommended a person also looks to complement acupuncture with Sahaja Yoga meditation, as something they can do for themselves to further heighten results.

However, to do so, it is also recommended that a person attends one of the free classes located throughout London, the U.K or indeed around the world. To find out more click on one of these links,


In the meantime, one wonderful technique Sahaja Yoga uses, which I also suggest my clients use, is 'footsoaking'. This can be done at anytime throughout the day but is most effective just before going to bed, to help cleanse and allow the 'buzz of the day' to subside. Thus allowing for a restful nights sleep.

To footsoak, you'll need a bowl (only for footsoaking), a jug of water, some salt, a towel and a comfortable seat. To heighten the experience, you can also use a lighted-candle (Fire) and set up an area which you use regularly.

First of all, fill the bowl with lukewarm Water (or cooler if preferred) at least enough to cover your ankles. Then sprinkle a handful of salt (Metal) into the water (used for cleansing) sit comfortably in the chair (Wood) and place both uncovered feet into the water. Hang both arms at the side of the chair for a few minutes to allow the Earth element to absorb and neutralise any troublesome energy.

Then bring both hands up and place them turned upwards on your lap. Close your eyes and concentrate your awareness at the top of your head, and try to allow all thoughts to pass in 'thoughtless awareness'. Sit there in this position for as long as feels comfortable, even 5-minutes performed regularly will help greatly.

Once finished, simply open your eyes and when ready, take out and rinse your feet with the water from the jug, before drying them with the towel. Then throw the water in the bowel straight down the toilet, swill and repeat.

You will then be ready for bed, and a sound nights sleep...

Footsoak, Footsoak, it ain't no joke!
Footsoak, Footsoak, whether rich or broke
Footsoak, Footsoak, here's where to begin...

Just fill up a bowl, if your head's in a spin
Sit straight down, and put your feet right in

Footsoak, Footsoak, if still in doubt
Footsoak, Footsoak, just wiggle 'em about
Footsoak, Footsoak, and let it all drain out...

Andrew G. Ogleby
BSc (Hons) Lic Ac. PGDip. Kampo