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New Chapters:

Nov 2021: Screening of the short film 'Booked', in which I play the part of detective, on the large screen, Close-Up London

Nov 2021: Commenced rehearsals for upcoming GFMA produced play, Charlton

Oct 2021: Accepted part in a play. To be performed at Greenwwich Theatre early 2022, London

Oct 2021: Background work on new U.S film comedy, Stanstead

Oct 2021: Volunteered with the vaccination programme at Charlton House, London

Oct 2021: Attended the Joy and Tranquility exhibition at the Welcome Collection. Part of a season On Happiness, London

Oct 2021: Background work on major new BBC drama, London

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Past Pages:

Sept 2021: Covid test for work on upcoming major feature film based on a true story, London

Sept 2021: Signed with new agency AP Talent Management site

Sept 2021: Completed The 2021 Brighton Marathon raising money for NRAS, justgiving Strava

Sept 2021: Set up a Castupload profile and a MeetKeyPeople page

Sept 2021: Volunteered to help out with The Afghan Donations Programme, O2 InterContinental, London

Aug 2021: Attended The Oval Tavern Charity Fundraiser, Croydon

Aug 2021: Commenced filming of a short film I have written and play a lead role in, Hampstead

Aug 2021: Took part in the RBG Festival Together 21 with GFMA, Charlton Park

Aug 2021: Took part in the community based Fun Friday Festival with GFMA, Woolwich

Aug 2021: First read through of my screenplay in preparation for turning it into a short film, London

July 2021: Preparation started to turn one of my screenplays into a short film, London

July 2021: Completed a 20mile/32K (3hour 38minute) training session in preparation for this years Brighton Marathon, running for NRAS justgiving

July 2021: Covid test and fitting for major new TV spy drama, London

July 2021: Background work on major new WB film, London

July 2021: Climbed Scafell Pike in the Lake District as part of a fundraising cause, Cumbria

July 2021: Covid tests and fitting for new major WB film production, Leavesden

June 2021: Covid test for work on new major WB film production, Leavesden

June 2021: Background role on filming of a remake of a classic Japanese film, London

June 2021: Covid test and fitting for upcoming film production, a remake of a Japanese classic, London

June 2021: Happy Summer Solstice! The height of the Fire Element youtube

June 2021: Background role on filming of new TV spy drama, London

June 2021: Covid test for upcoming film production, 3 Mills Studio
, London

June 2021: Background role on filming of new ITV fraud based true story drama, Canary Wharf

June 2021:
Took part in the covid vaccination programme at Charlton Athletic F.C, London
June 2021: Fitted for background role on new ITV fraud based true story drama, Elstree Studios, London

June 2021: Testing and fitting for background role on new BBC Royal drama, London

June 2021:
Submitted final draft of my manuscript for editing. A gripping, semi-autobiographical novel, written during lockdown.

June 2021: Received second vaccination jab. Charlton House, London

May 2021: Volunteered for the covid vaccination programme at Charlton Athletic F.C, London

May 2021: Signed up to compete in this years Brighton Marathon, running for NRAS justgiving

April 2021: Stand-in for one of the three celebrity chefs, filming a promo for their new ITV food and travel series, London youtube

April 2021: Background work on major TV series about Johnson and handling of the first lockdown, London

April 2021: Revisiting the draft book I had written last year to edit and update it further, with a view to publishing when ready

April 2021: Business as usual. The easing of national lockdown rules doesn't impact HiHA, as is already covid compliant and so will continue as before

March 2021: Received first covid vaccination, Charlton House, London

March 2021: Performed in a rap music video for the artist KO, produced by Jealous, London vimeo

March 2021: Featured role in a charity campaign film highlighting the issues surrounding period poverty, Hey Girls and PrettyBird, London

March 2021: Featured role in an upcoming BBC comedy drama series set in a hospital labour ward, London

March 2021: Completed a series of covid tests in preparation for upcoming film productions, London

Feb 2021: Successfully completed a Coronavirus Basic Awareness On Production Training Course, ScreenSkills

Feb 2021: Checked temperatures of the people coming for their vaccination, Charlton House Vaccination Centre

Feb 2021: Appearance as a Gotham City University Pitchside Cameraman in the Justice League Snyder Cut (2021) Official 'Super Bowl' Clip youtube

Jan 2021: Featured role in the official Rag 'n' Bone Man video for his fantastic new single 'All You Ever Wanted' youtube

Jan 2021: Presented some of my verse at the GFMA Spoken Word & Music Night, Zoom

Jan 2021:
Taking part in the Project Hope Programme at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, London


Dec 2020: Peaceful Solstice

Dec 2020: Completed featured role in a music video for a major artist, London

Dec 2020: Completed profile and uploaded some of my verse/recordings onto the Line of Poetry website

Nov 2020: Featured playing an aide to Margaret Thatcher in Netflix season 4 of 'The Crown' video

Nov 2020: Anticipated speaking role in the BBC's new series of films 'Small Axe' as selected and directed by Steve McQueen

Nov 2020: Registered for the Creative Coalition Festival 2020

Nov 2020: HiHA will not be affected by the new National Restrictions (5th Nov) as they only apply to non-medical acupuncture
Oct 2020 - Completed the first draft of a new short play

Oct 2020 - Tested Negative for Covid-19 Coronavirus, Funchal Airport

Sept 2020 - Completed filming of 'Booked' detective scene, London

Sept 2020 - Took part in a Live Art Project with Creative Genies, London
Sept 2020 - Presented verse at the monthly GFMA Zoom Spoken Word Night

Sept 2020 - Preparations for the shooting of a short film 'Booked' where I play the role of cunning detective

Aug 2020 - Had 3 pieces accepted on this years Edinburgh Fringe Pick n Mix streaming platform edfringe

Aug 2020 - Took part in a photoshoot at Wembley Box Park and Troubadour Theatre with Creative Genies

Aug 2020 - Started playing football with a local lockdown community group

July 2020 - Commenced monthly Zoom Spoken Word & Music Meetings with GFMA

July 2020 - Commenced procedures from 4th July to fully re-start HiHA next week, following disruption due to the recent coronavirus outbreak

June 2020 - Recorded and uploaded new videos onto my YouTube channel youtube

May 2020 - Appearance as a celebrating banker in the BBC1 thriller Killing Eve (series 3:3 Meetings Have Biscuits 18:36)

Feb - April 2020: Opportunities badly affected by the coronavirus outbreak, leading eventually to no longer being able to carry on with acupuncture or film work. As a result, have been involved in the writing of a short film script, a book and other stay at home artistic pursuits. As well as helping in the delivery of food to vulnerable people living in the local community.

Have also been involved in editing the following with GFMA:

Croaky Hoot - Solstice Song video

When The Chips Are Down film and trailer

Troubled Meets The Troubadour trailer

A Midsummer Night's Dream promo

A Tribute to Dr Martin Luther King

GFMA 2019 End of Year film and promo

Feb 2020: Attended the screening of my play 'When The Chips Are Down' at The Earl of Chatham, London video

Jan 2020: Appearance in Silent Witness trailer for Series 23 Episode 7 (Tuesday 28th January),

Jan 2020: Presented some of my verse at the GFMA Poetry & Spoken Word Night, Earl of Chatham, London

Jan 2020: Recommenced role
as one of the former PM's Aides in major NETFLIX production, Elstree Studios

Jan 2020: Signed with acting and modelling agents Tiny Angels Adults


Dec 2019: The filming of 'When The Chips Are Down' released and now available on GFMA TV

Dec 2019: Completed editing from the filming of the play 'When the Chips are Down' by Andrew G. Ogleby

Dec 2019: Completed this years Santa in the City 5K run, London

Nov 2019: Registered with BECTU the Media & Entertainment Union for Creative Ambition

Nov 2019: Featured post office customer role in major romantic film drama, Ealing Studios, London

Nov 2019: Appearance as Secretary to the Queen on this years Tesco's 'Delivering Christmas' Advert, YouTube

Nov 2019: Attended The Wilfred Owen Association's screening of The Burying Party, Poetry Cafe, London

Nov 2019: Played a role in an American TV Comedy series about a 'soccer' manager, Selhurst Park, London

Oct 2019: Recommenced role as one of the former PM's Aides in major NETFLIX production, Elstree Studios

Oct 2019: Performed at Greenwich Theatre as part of GFMA's Tribute to Martin Luther King, London

Oct 2019: Completed profile on the WriteOutLoud poetry community website

Oct 2019: Featured role in the upcoming season 3 of a major BBC TV Drama series, London

Oct 2019: Played a zombie in an upcoming major TV comedy series, Welwyn Garden City

Oct 2019: Role in one of the Big Supermarket's Christmas TV ad, London

Sept 2019: Commenced rehearsals for the upcoming Martin Luther King Tribute at Greenwich Theatre, London

Sept 2019: Commenced vocal work/singing lessons with a fantastic teacher, Sevenoaks

Sept 2019: Background work for an app at the new White Hart Lane Stadium, London

Sept 2019: Presented verse included in the GFMA Book Launch and Spoken Word Event, Woolwich

Sept 2019: Details of the upcoming GFMA Tribute to Martin Luther King production, Greenwich Theatre 

Sept 2019: Link on the Actors page of the GFMA website

Sept 2019: Commenced editing the filming of my play When the Chips Are Down, a GFMA Production

Aug 2019: Played various roles as a cricket supporter for a major film about the 1983 cricket world cup, Lord's

Aug 2019: Commenced playing a featured former PM aide role throughout the new season of a major Netflix production, Elstree Studios

Aug 2019: Attended a photoshoot for a major BBC drama series, London

Aug 2019: Attended the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the Growth Summer Festival where David Bowie had played, Beckenham
Aug 2019: Played an angry dad in a short film by the Chelsea College of Arts, London

Aug 2019: Took part in the GFMA run Thamesmead World Music Festival, Birchmere Park

July 2019: Played a wedding guest in a feature film scene with a major British actor, London
July 2019: Took part in GFMA's fantastic Charlton Park Community Fun Day, London
July 2019: Performed a speaking role in a major new BBC 1970's drama based on historical events by acclaimed British director, London

July 2019: Played the part of a MI6 worker in the new major spy feature film, Pinewood

July 2019: Attended the Raindance Film, Smoozing & Boozing Event, London
July 2019: Took park in the Eltham Festival with GFMA, London

July 2019: Visited Wimbledon Tennis Championships and also saw the related American Express poster campaign I appear in, Wimbledon
July 2019: Completed a fight scene at a historic boxing gym playing the referee, from a new TV series, London

June 2019: Completed a cricket shoot scene for a feature film looking back at the 1983 World Cup, The Oval, London
June 2019: Attended the fantastic Stanley Kubrick Exhibition, The Design Museum, London

June 2019: Took part in The Great Get Together Parkfest, Charlton Park, London
June 2019: Attended the Midsummer Solstice Sunrise Happening, Stonehenge Circle, Wiltshire

June 2019: Selected as a featured artist for this years American Express, Wimbledon Tennis Championships Campaign
June 2019: Completed a run playing Nick Bottom in GFMA's fantastic outdoor performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Thamesmead

May 2019: Played a featured prosthetic leper in a new Netfilx epic drama, Langley Studios, Langley

May 2019: Part of a photo-shoot at Wimbledon, London
May 2019: Commenced rehearsals playing Nick Bottom in GFMA's outdoor performances of A Midsummer Night's Dream, London
May 2016: Played a comedy club background part for a BFI short film, dealing with the issues of disability, London
May 2019: Attended Greenwich Odeon to see The Corrupted (2019) where I play the referee in the boxing scene, London
May 2016: Accepted a main part in GFMA's outdoor production of A Midsummer Night's Dream by the director of Greenwich Theatre, London
May 2019: Involved in the fabulous GFMA Folk Ladywell Festival with folk legend Julie Felix, London
April 2019: Attend the incredible Don McCullin Photographic Exhibition, Tate Britain, London
April 2019: Attended a talk on WWI anti-war poets by Robert J. Fanshawe, The Poetry Cafe, London

April 2019: Took part in World T'ai Chi Day with GFMA, Charlton House, London

April 2019: Played role of a ringside judge in the latest William Hill TV advert with World Heavyweight Champion Boxer, Anthony Joshua 
April 2019: Attended Extinction Rebellion protests, London
April 2019: Played a role in new Italian feature film starring major actor, Jaywick

April 2019: Attended the Black Sun Karate 40th Anniversary D&D, Coventry

April 2019: Performed some verse at GFMA's Poetry & Spoken Word Night, Woolwich, London

April 2019: Playing the role of boxing referee in the major upcoming film The Corrupted (May 2019) trailer
April 2019: Commenced a series of Video and Creating a Movie workshops with Becky Sharpe, London
March 2019: Attended performance of Only Fools and Horses for Comic Relief, Elstree Studios, London
March 2019: Performed songs as part of Croaky Hoot for GFMA's Spoken Word Night headed by folk legend, Julie Felix, London
March 2019: Commenced a Devising Character/Creating Showreel series of workshops with Beck Sharpe, London
Feb 2019: Completed scenes as acting double, for a main actor in major new international drama series, London
Feb 2019: Took part in GFMA's fantastic Chinese New Year Celebrations, London
Feb 2019: Performed at GFMA's Poetry & Spoken Word Night, Woolwich, London
Feb 2019: Gung Hay Fat Choy! A Very Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig

Feb 2019: Commenced follow-up Screen Acting Workshops with Becky Sharpe, London
Jan 2019: Completed Screen Acting Workshops with Becky Sharpe, London

Jan 2019: Completed featured ad with a huge British World Champion Boxer, London

Jan 2019: Recommenced piano lessons, Greenwich, London

Jan 2019: Featured background work on European Football Ad, Olympic Stadium, London

Jan 2019: Edited and Compiled a 2019 Video Showreel (See Spotlight profile)

Jan 2019: Solo performance in the final version of the short film Procrastination by Talayeh Atlasi, youtube
Jan 2019: Happy New Year! May 2019 bring you every success and happiness

Dec 2018: Helping serve and speak to those attending the Old Cottage Coffee Shop Cafe, free Christmas dinner for those on their own, Charlton
Dec 2018: Wishing You a Warm and Peaceful Winter Solstice!
Dec 2018: Walk-on role in an online advertisement, London
Dec 2018: Link to my new e-Talenta web-Card
Dec 2018: Completed featured scene for a new British feature film, London
Dec 2018: Completed background work for a scene from a major Netflix production, London
Dec 2018: Completed this years Lord Mayor's Santa in the City Run, London
Nov 2018: Completed small crowd scene watching Mamma Mia! the Musical, Novello Theatre, London
Nov 2018: Completed background work for a scene from a major Netflix production, London
Nov 2018: Performed the part of The Landlord in The Canaries by Louisa Le Marchand and directed by James Haddrell, Woolwich, London
Nov 2018: Assistant Stage Manager for the production of The Canaries, Woolwich, London
Nov 2018: Took part in a presentation of books by Robert J Fanshawe, Woolwich Library, London
Nov 2018: Took part in a WWI presentation by GFMA at The Woolwich Town Hall, London
Nov 2018: Assisted constructing and setting up the stage/floor area for The Canaries, Woolwich, London
Nov 2018: Assisted in preparing the 'Women of Woolwich' exhibition, Woolwich, London
Nov 2018: Performed verse at GFMA's WWI Poetry & Spoken Word Night, Woolwich, London
Oct 2018: Performed verse at a Tribute Night To Jazzman John, Kingsley Hall (Ghandi's former residence), London
Oct 2018: Played the featured part of a T.V Director filming the then PM in a major historical drama series, Elstree Studios, London
Oct 2018: Played a featured part as a commuter in a comedy Female Sketch Show scene, London
Oct 2018: Visited Birkenhead to read through a WWI play and visit The Wilfred Owen Story, Wirral
Oct 2018: Honoured to read at the funeral of Legendary Beat-Poet Jazzman John Robert Clarke, London

Oct 2018: Submitted a poem to the 2018 Festival for Poetry Contest,

Oct 2018: Listed in publication of the play All About the Boys: The Last Days of Wilfred Owen by Robert J. Fanshawe, AurthorHouse
Sept 2018: Completed background scenes for a major U.S T.V series, London
Sept 2018: First full-band practice for 'We Are B.A.T.S!', Charlton, London

Sept 2018: Signed-up and completed Chris Packham's People's Walk for Wildlife, Saturday 22nd September, from Hyde Park, London
Sept 2018: Rehearsals for a part in a new play 'The Canaries' by Louisa Le Marchand, started on 23rd September, Charlton
Sept 2018: Commenced a piano/keyboard music course, Greenwich
Sept 2018: Presented verse at the Tribute to Legendary Beat-Poet Jazzman John Clarke Evening, Woolwich
Aug 2018: Enrolled on a music (piano/keyboard) course starting next month, London
Aug 2018: Playing the grumpy dad/uncle taking a soaking in this great fun video by The Rich Webb Band youtube
Aug 2018: Appearance playing Basil Fawlty 'thrashing a car' in a BBC parody video for Lenny Henry's 60th Birthday Celebrations (22/8/18), youtube
Aug 2018: Completed featured scenes for a new BBC series, featuring a major U.S film actor, Essex
Aug 2018: Completed background scenes for a major U.S TV series, 3 Mills Studios, London

July 2018: Link to the fantastic short-film by Juliana Naples, in which I play the part of Dean Martin from around 3:55 minutes in youtube 
July 2018: Began practicing new songs I've written (see writing) , London
July 2018: Took part in GFMA's fantastic Fun Day, Charlton House, London
July 2018: Took part in GFMA's summer event, Eltham, London
July 2018: Had a part as the Grumpy Uncle in a music video for The Rich Webb Band, London
July 2018: Took part in a Summer Showcase performance, The Stables, London
July 2018: Played the part of a comedy icon in a tribute to another one on their 60th Birthday, BBC, London
July 2018: Took part in GFMA's summer event at Mycenae House, London
June 2018: Completed scene for a  major Netflix production, London
June 2018: Took part in GFMA's fabulous The Great Get Together, Charlton Park, London
June 2018: Set up profile on Artistize
June 2018: Happy Summer Solstice!
June 2018: Took part in GFMA's fabulous Refugee Day, Woolwich, London
June 2018: Attended the fabulous time-halting Rolling Stones concert at The Ricoh, aptly supported by The Specials, Coventry
May 2018: Played a hospital consultant in the comedy short film The Plunge, a SweetDoh Production 
May 2018: Congratulations to Coventry City F.C for winning the League 2 Playoff Final at Wembley and for gaining promotion to League 1!
May 2018: Congratulations to Spoon Fed by Nick Jones for winning the Short Fiction Film Award, in which I appear as a restaurant diner, youtube
May 2018: Attended photoshoot to update profile pictures, London
May 2018: Riotous performance of 'When the Chips are Down', Mycenae House, London (18th May 2018)
May 2018: Dress rehearsal for the play 'When the Chips are Down' being performed on May 18th, London
May 2018: Completed final scenes of my part playing Lord Howard in the period feature film 'She Dares', London
May 2018: Completed shoot as art critic for major new feature film, about the real-life story of an heroic art forger during WWII, London

April 2018: Rehearsed and shot parliament scenes for period feature film 'She Dares', in which I play Lord Howard, London
April 2018: Fitting for major new feature film, about the real-life story of an heroic art forger (set in WWII), London
April 2018: Completed a scene from an upcoming documentary, about the history of silver in China, London
April 2018: Presented poetry and rehearsed/performed The Pearl Dragon story for GFMA's World Tai Chi Day event (28/04/18), London
April 2018: Photo shoot to promote my upcoming play 'When the Chips are Down', London
April 2018: Took part in GFMA's fantastic 'Homage to Martin Luther King Jnr' evening (06/04/18), London
April 2018: Rehearsals for 'A Homage to Martin Luther King Jnr' evening, London, GFMA

March 2018: Completed featured scene as a boxing referee in new feature film, Troxy, London
March 2018: Commenced rehearsals learning the Viennesse Waltz for a ballroom scene in a feature film, London
March 2018: Completed scene in new TV drama, London
March 2018: Official trailer for new film Just Drive (2018) in which I play Gus Zatoichi and am a co-writer youtubeIMDb
March 2018: Appearances in the TV drama Endeavour (04/03/18)
March 2018: Completed featured role in major new feature film, Shepperton
Feb 2018: Commenced rehearsals for new short play I've written 'When the Chips are Down', London
Feb 2018: Gong Hey Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog
Feb 2018: To take part in GFMA's Chinese New Year Celebrations, London
Feb 2018: Commenced rehearsals for featured role in major new feature film, Shepperton
Feb 2018: Presented new verse at Global Fusion's 'Poetry & Spoken Word Night', London
Jan 2018: Plans to stage and perform in a new short-play I've written (May 18), London
Jan 2018: Appearance in Silent Witness (BBC1 22/1/18) iPlayer
Jan 2018: Written some new songs and started rehearsals for them to be performed, London
Jan 2018: Completed screen course at 
The Acting Studio, Pinewood, Iver Heath
Jan 2018: Happy New Year All!
Dec 2017: Collected for Crisis at Christmas, outside King's Cross station (21/12/17)
Dec 2017: Appearances in Holby City, BBC (12/12/17)
Dec 2017: Playing 'Man on Bus'. Video link to the short romantic comedy 'Konnichiwa Brick Lane' (2013) by Saera Jin,
Dec 2017: Completed run playing the Villain, in 'Jackie & the Pirates of the Prime Meridian', Charlton, London
Dec 2017: Final rehearsals for the GFMA pantomime, 'Jackie & The Pirates of the Prime Meridian', Charlton, London
Dec 2017: Played a museum goer in a feature film, London
Dec 2017: Took part in GFMA's Poetry & Spoken Word Night, Woolwich, London

Dec 2017: Took part in The Lord Mayor's Appeal Santa in the City Run 2017, London
Dec 2017: Played Lord Charles Howard in a period drama feature film, London
Nov 2017: Began rehearsals for a part in a period drama feature film, London

Nov 2017: Hands double for a main actor on major feature film, Shepperton Studios
Nov 2017: Worked on scenes for new TV comedy drama, London
Oct 2017: Worked on scenes for new TV drama, London
Oct 2017: Completed filming written scene in the feature film 'Just Drive', London
Oct 2017: Commenced rehearsals for the upcoming GFMA pantomime written by Andrew G. Ogleby, London
Oct 2017: Presented verse at the GFMA 'Poetry & Spoken Word Night', Woolwich, London
Oct 2017: Appearance in the official film trailer for Padington 2 youtube
Sept 2017: Wrote a scene and poem (see 
Verse) for the feature film 'Just Drive', London 
Sept 2017: Worked on songs written for the upcoming GFMA Pantomime, London
Sept 2017: Worked on a period detective drama, Amersham
Sept 2017: Worked on popular hospital drama, London
Sept 2017: Appearances in EastEnders (07/09/17)  iPlayer
Aug 2017: Commenced screen acting course with Fox & Chips Productions, London
Aug 2017: Appearances in the video for the powerful Hollie McNish poem 'Pink or Blue' on the subject of gender equality, vimeo
July 2017: Rehearsals for the art-house film about the Victorian poet Francis Thompson, London & Essex
July 2017: Background work on Silent Witness, London
July 2017: Took part in GFMA's 'Community Fun Day', Charlton, London
July 2017: Featured/background work on a feature film, Deptford, London
July 2017: Background work on EastEnders, Elstree
July 2017: Took part in a feature film shoot, nr Gatwick
June 2017: Presented verse at the GFMA 'Ceilidh & Acoustic Night', London facebook  
June 2017: Presented verse at the GFMA 'Poetry & Spoken Word Night, Woolwich, London facebook  
June 2017: Attended a special one day Sahaja meditation retreat, Bloxham Barn Farm, Warwickshire   
June 2017: Took part in an event breaking The Guinness World Record for the most people trampolining at one time, London  
June 2017: Involved in World Music Day with GFMA, which also coincided with the Summer Solstice, Woolwich, London  
June 2017: Completed featured barbershop scene with a very well known actor for a new British gangster heist feature film, Ealing, London  
June 2017: Completed background shoot for a TV drama series, Chatham Docks  
June 2017: Attended Degree Show where 2 films I have speaking credits in were up for awards, University of Greenwich, London  philipknight  
June 2017: Registered with Ray Knight Casting, the premier extras casting agency for film and TV, London
June 2017: Joined the Poetry Society and entered the National Poetry Competition   
June 2017: Completed scenes for the short film 'Gender' with poet Hollie McNish, used to open the Saatchi & Saatchi new directors showcase in Cannes

May 2017: Attended a second fabulous night of Sahaja meditation with Music & Flamenco, Charlton House, London

May 2017: Read some of my poetry at the Global Fusion Music & Arts 'Poetry & Spoken Word Night, London facebook

May 2017: Brief appearance in Spring 2017 Sainsbury's ad 'Out Out Out' where I walk toward an elderly couple on a bench as the dog runs past 
May 2017: Have officially been accepted by Spotlight
May 2017: Completed writing first draft of a new short play, London
May 2017: Attended casting for new feature film by Idris Elba, Hackney, London
May 2017: Commenced filming scenes for a sequal to an action feature film, London
May 2017: Completed writing the first draft of the script and songs for the 2017 GFMA Xmas Pantomime, London
April 2017: Took part in a World T'ai Chi event with GFMA, London
April 2017: Commenced filming scenes from a new British comedy feature film, London
April 2017: Attended first part of a free new monthly Sahaja course, Music for the Spirit, Charlton House, London
April 2017: Took part in filming for episode 4 of 'It's All I Am', London
April 2017: Continuing writing the script and songs for this years GFMA pantomime, London
April 2017: Attended photo shoot at Urban Vibe Studios, London
April 2017: Congratulations go to Coventry City F.C for winning the Checkatrade Trophy Final, Wembley
April 2017: Completed scenes from the independent film 'Pufferfish Paralysis' by Arion Mehmeti, London
March 2017: Commenced filming scenes for a new major period feature film, London
March 2017: Completed scene from the art-house film 'Hound' about the poet Francis Thompson, a Wet Paint Production, London
March 2017: Completed filming for the independent political thriller 'Philip Knight', Greenwich, London
Feb 2017: Began rehearsal for a scene in the independent feature film 'Bruises' a Fox & Chips Production, London
Feb 2017: Featured background in a bare-knuckle fighting scene for the film 'Recovery' by Camden Coats Production, London
Feb 2017: Accepted role in an exciting new art-house film about the English poet and ascetic 
Francis Thompson, London
Feb 2017: Played the part of a double for a main actor in a major new comedy feature film, Pinewood Studios, Shepperton
Feb 2017: Congratulations to Coventry City F.C for reaching the final of the Checkatrade Trophy, Wembley
Feb 2017: Took part in an artistic film adaptation of Franz Kafka's short story 'A Hunger Artist', London wiki 

Jan 2017: Played in a scene from the short independent film 'Behind Closed Doors' by Thomas Clark, London
Jan 2017: Played a singles club goer in the independent film 'Kindred Spirits' by Bill Hutchens, London
Jan 2017: Commencing filming for new major feature film based on a classic children's story, North of London
Jan/Feb 2017: Recommenced filming for major new comedy feature film, Greenwich, London
Jan 2017: Listed as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story General Draven Double in Additional Crew Member's list on
Jan 2017: Happy New Year All!
Dec 2016: Warm Winter Solstice Wishes! (21st December 2016)
Dec 2016: Attended the cinema to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story including the scene where I had played General Draven's Double, London
Dec 2016: Taking part in run of filming for major new comedy feature film, Chatham
Dec 2016: Appearance in the film 'A United Kingdom' during scene where Prince Seretse addresses supporting freedom fighters, cinemaclock
Nov 2016: Completed filming for a Christmas ad being show on December 16th, Ongar Heritage Railway Station, Epping
Nov 2016: Took part in filming for a charity video highlighting an extremely important cause, London
Nov 2016: Attended David Brent's 'Life on the Road' performance for Children in Need at the BBC, London
Nov 2016: Attended premiere screening of 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' for supporting artistes involved in the film, Liverpool
Nov 2016: Played various roles in new feature film, London
Nov 2016: Showing of the BBC 1 Drama 'Our Loved Boy' (8:30pm 7/11/16) where I took part in the filming as a member of the press, London
Oct 2016: Took part in Oxfam Campaign to stop British Bombs Fueling Yemen Crisis, London facebook
Oct 2016: On IMDb as Hands Double for Liam Neeson in The Commuter (2017) and Double for General Draven in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Oct 2016: Completed shoot for feature film, Kindred Spirit, London
Oct 2016: Completed shoot playing various roles for a major new U.S TV series about the Queen, London and Shoreham-on-Sea
Oct 2016: Completed hand double shoot for main actor in major action feature film, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath
Oct 2016: Completed theatre shoot for feature film, Camden People's Theatre, London

Sept 2016: Release of appearance in the Gabriel Bruce video 'Come All Sufferers'. Track of the Day on clashmusic youtube
Sept 2016: Attended fitting for major TV series, Elstree Film Studios, London
Sept 2016: Completed shoot as a sideline cameraman on upcoming blockbuster, Warner Bros, Leavesden
Sept 2016: Filming of the bittersweet musical comedy play 'Troubled meets the Troubadour' by Andrew G. Ogleby 
Sept 2016: Attended fitting for double on upcoming feature film, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath
Sept 2016: Attended fitting for filming next week on upcoming blockbuster, Warner Bros, Leavesden
Sept 2016: Attended casting for upcoming TV film drama, Elstree Film Studios, Borehamwood
Sept 2016: Promo for next performance of the WWI play 'All About the Boys' on GFMAtv
Sept 2016: Appeared as a Sufferer in the upcoming music video for the single 'Come All Sufferers' by Gabriel Bruce, London soundcloud
Sept 2016: Listed on Fantastic Beasts 
Sept 2016: Appear as a steward at the end of the first ever Sun Bets TV advert 
Sept 2016: Rehearsals commencing for November performance of 'All About the Boys' at the 
Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury 

Aug 2016: Renewal of Annual Acupuncture & Kampo Japanese Herbal Medicine Insurance Policy
Aug 2016: Attended a Casting Workshop with BDiscovered, Cardiff, Wales
Aug 2016: Played role of a football supporter in a major feature film, Upton Park, London
Aug 2016: Completed Lucazade ad shoot, London
Aug 2016: Completed BOSE ad shoot, Piccadilly Circus, London
Aug 2016: Edited filming adaptation of Shakespeare's play 'Much Ado About Nothing' with Andrew G. Ogleby playing Chief Dogberry foxandchips
Aug 2016: Completed shoot for Film4 feature film 'Animal Shadows' London
July 2016: Completed Emirates ad shoot, Wembley Stadium, London
July 2016: Completed Ladbookes ad shoot, Twickenham, London
July 2016: Performed in final show of 7 week run of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, London
July 2016: Attended ITV studios for new game show shoot, London
July 2016: Completed promo for 2017 London World Athletics Championships, London
July 2016: Completed sports ad at The Den, London
July 2016: Much Ado About Nothing promo youtube
July 2016: Script read through with GFMA for next performance of the play 'All About the Boys' at the Gulbenkian Theatre Canterbury, Kent
July 2016: Link to Andrew G. Ogleby's IMDb profile on The Harry Potter Wiki page
July 2016: Trailer for the feature film 'Unreality' I appear in as a film distributor vimeo
July 2016: Attended Free Charity T'ai Chi Event, Saturday 2nd July, Hampstead Heath, London Taichilife
June 2016: Review of Much Ado About Nothing The Absent Reviews
June 2016: Completed shoot as member of the press for upcoming TV drama Our Loved Boy BBC, London
June 2016: Commenced 7 week run of Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing' The Pack and Carriage, Central London foxandchips
June 2016: Completed F1 Gala Party shoot for Heineken, Central London 
June 2016: Choreographed Hallway Fight Scene, London vimeo
May 2016: Completed role at a gangster funeral for a IMDb credited feature film, London
May 2016: Completed Sky Sports ad as a football supporter, Arsenal Emirates Stadium, London
May 2016: Appearance as a marathon runner and spectator in Virgin Trains 'Bound for Glory' Ad youtube
May 2016: Played role of restaurant diner in the short film 'Spoon Fed' highlighting the effects of living with multiple sclerosis, London
May 2016: Appearance in Team GB Superfan Video youtube
April 2016: Took part in World T'ai Chi Day with 
GFMA, grounds of Charlton House, London
April 2016: Took part in the Springtime Ceilidh with GFMA, presenting poetry and joining in with the band Morrigan, Mycenae House, London

April 2016: Commenced rehearsals for the Shakespeare play 'Much Ado About Nothing' foxandchips, London
April 2016: Geriatric Rap Video where I played the part of the son youtube

April 2016: Played part of a politician for new TV show 'Age of the Living Dead' London 

April 2016: Added mini bio to IMDb page
April 2016: Completed filming of Web Video with Gold Medalist Amy Williams, promoting Team GB for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, London
April 2016: Completed filming of the short film 'Bath of Wolves', playing the victim of a wolf hammer attack, London
April 2016: In rehearsals for choreographed comedy martial arts film, London
April 2016: Completed filming of a commercial for Virgin Trains playing a marathon runner, London
April 2016: Release of Andrew G. Ogleby's IMDb page
April 2016: Trailer release of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' for which I play the role of an acting double theguardian.comyoutube
April 2016: Background and combat roles in the short film 'Ground Below', Greenwich, London
April 2016: GoPro filming of choreographed Hallway Fight scene, Regent's University, London youtube

March 2016: Attended Improshews performance improvisation class, Shooters Hill, London

March 2016: Rehearsals for choreographed Hallway Fight scene, Regent's University, London youtube
March 2016: Appearance on EastEnders as punter down Bridge Street Market (21, 22 & 24/03/16) BBC, London
March 2016: Played role of doctor in the short film 'Regret', North London

March 2016: Played role of film director in the feature film 'Unreality' Ravensbourne, North Greenwich, London
March 2016: Stood in to play Carlo during rehearsals in the play 'Carlo's Cafe' by Louisa Le Marchand, GFMA, London
March 2016: Attended ethical codes and boundaries training, Finsbury Park, London
March 2016: Appearance in a comedy music video with Steve Whiteley, London
March 2016: Solo performance in the short film 'Procrastination' by Mahmoud Hamdy, The London Film Academy, London
March 2016: Performed roles in production of the opera 
Carmen at the Theatre Royal, Windsor
Feb 2016: Commenced role in short film 'The Fool' by Jessica Ornelas, Greenwich, London
Feb 2016: Completed action shoot for short film 'Cocaine and Cormorants' by Alexis Parrinder-Nicholls, Greenwich, London
Feb 2016: Completed shoot as a journalist with Zoya Machkina on the short film 'Upwards to Mars', The Royal Institute, London
Feb 2016: Completed 60's background shoot for the short film 'Battle of the Beaches', Dartford
Feb 2016: Attended ethical codes and boundaries training, Finsbury Park, London
Feb 2016: Played head banker in short film 'The Launderette' by Hannah Gautrey, London 
Feb 2016: Gong Hey Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey. Have a cheeky one ; )
Feb 2016: Appeared in Linda Em's latest promotional music video release for her song 'Blue Girl' 
Jan 2016: Completed background shoot for popular TV programme, BBC, London
Jan 2016: Completed background shoot for major film production, Warner Bros, Leavesden
Jan 2016: Commenced editing the filming of the play 'Troubled meets the Troubadour', London

Jan 2016: Recommenced T'ai Chi/Chi Kung training with Chew-yeen Lawes, Global Fusion Music & Arts, London
Jan 2016: Completed outdoor performance shoot for short film 'The Second Draw' by Hannah McInally, London
Jan 2016: Attended 'Tibet's Secret Temple: Bodies in Balance' exploring Tibetan Medicine and Healing, London
Jan 2016: Attended Bowie tribute, Heddon Street W1 London
Jan 2016: Visited 'Tibet's Secret Temple' free exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, London
Jan 2016: Happy New Year to ALL!
Dec 2015: Played acting double in major franchise film, Pinewood

Dec 2015: Played extras role in a promotional music video shoot, Tooting Tram & Social, London
Dec 2015: Accepted role in short psychological independent film drama, The Second Draw, London
Dec 2015: Performed verse at 
Eastbeats Poetry & Music evening with Jazzman John Clarke, Kingsley Hall, London
Dec 2015: Attended fitting at Warner Bros studios for extras role in upcoming blockbuster, Leavesden
Nov 2015: Played extras role in independent film exploring actual events at a lecture in 1880 discussing hysteria, London

Nov 2015: Performed play/poetry for International Men's Day with Global FusionMycenae House, London
Nov 2015: Played extra in the upcoming inter-racial civil rights love story 'A United Kingdom'IMDb,  London
Nov 2015: Presented some of my verse at Global Fusion Music & Arts Poetry & Jazz Night, Charlton House, London
Nov 2015: Attended Ruby Wax's fantastic 'Sane New World' show at Greenwich Theatre, London
Nov 2015: Happy Diwali! Attended fabulous Diwali celebrations with Greenwich Sahaja Yoga, London
Nov 2015: Offered extras role in the upcoming inter-racial civil rights love story 'A United Kingdom', London
Oct 2015: Try some fabulous free online healing. Simply click on K1 and K2 from the Quantum K website 
Oct 2015: Attended uplifting/inspiring 'Music for Mental Health' walk to celebrate World Mental Health Day cooltanarts

Sept 2015: Attended The Dalai Lama's uplifting talk 'Compassion - The Foundation of Well-being', The 02, London
Sept 2015: Attended an excellent refresher Professional Boundaries Course at the Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London
Aug 2015: Donation made to the Samaritans from the takings of 'Troubled meets the Troubadour'
July 2015: In the play references are made to the Samaritans publication 'Men and Suicide: why it's a social issue'
July 2015: The play is now being considered by The Soho Theatre for the Verity Bargate Award 2015, London
July 2015: Sent script of 'Troubled meets the Troubadour' to 
Theatre503 one of London's premiere new writing theatres
July 2015: Wrote and performed in the play 'Troubled meets the Troubadour' at The London Theatre, New Cross
July 2015: Assisted Global Fusion Music & Arts at the Charlton Community Day, Greenwich, London
July 2015: Assisted Global Fusion Music & Arts taking part in Greenwich Music & Food Festival, Woolwich, London

June 2015: Assisted Global Fusion Music & Arts at their event to mark World Refugee Day, Woolwich, London
June 2015: Covering again for Hands Inc at the Homerton Hospital in the treatment of sickle-cell disease with acupuncture
June 2015: Review of Gogol's 'The Overcoat' as performed in at The London Theatre, May 2015
May 2015: Covering for Hands inc at the Homerton Hospital in the treatment of sickle-cell disease with acupuncture
May 2015: Written a bittersweet comedy 'Troubled meets the Troubadour' and in rehearsals for TLT's play festival
May 2015: To start rehearsals with The London Theatre for Gogol's Buster Keaton based production of The Overcoat
May 2015: In process of helping arrange the Autumn 2016 UK Tour of 'All About the Boys' with GFMA
April 2015: Youtube film screening of the play 'All about the Boys' now available (also via the GFMA website)

April 2015: Premiere film screening of the play 'All About the Boys' with GFMA Grand Saloon, Charlton House, London 
March 2015: Signed up with The London Theatre for their acting course, New Cross London
March 2015: Quote from Wilfred Owen's nephew regarding the recent WWI play (All About the Boys) about his uncle 
March 2015: Had three further poems accepted by TFL for their Travel Better London poetry competition 1 2 3

Feb 2015: Written and entered a poem accepted by TFL for their Travel Better London poetry competition 
Feb 2015: Attended Global Fusion Music & Arts Chinese New Year celebrations, Charlton House, London
Feb 2015: Launch of Global Fusion Music & Arts blog showing still footage from the original WWI play 'All About the Boys'
Feb 2015: Royal Greenwich TV (eye of the community) attend Global Fusion's monthly writers group facebook
Jan 2015: Attended free screening of 
J. Krishnamurti's discussion 'What is communication with others?' SOAS London
Jan 2015: Joined Global Fusion Music & Arts monthly Writers Group

Dec 2014: Volunteered with Crisis at Christmas to help out over the festive period
Dec 2014: Signing contract to commence working from The Helix Clinic Fitzrovia, London W1T 5PG
Dec 2014: Special Sahaja Programme with gatherings from different meetings (Sat 6th @ 7:00pm) Chelsea SW3 5SY
Dec 2014: Submitted a poem (see verse) to Cooltan Arts as part of The Guardian's Christmas Charity Appeal 2014 blog 
Nov 2014: Joining this years Nags Head Xmas Extravaganza (Sunday 30th)
Nov 2014: Covered clinical supervisor for The Acupuncture Academy (Monday 17th), Harley Street 
Nov 2014: Tickets for GFMA only performance of 'About the Boys' available or on the night (Friday 14th)
Nov 2014: Presented talk on Men's Health at Hackney Central Library with Hands Inc. (Tuesday 4th)
Oct 2014: In rehearsals for original WWI play 'About the Boys' about the poet Wilfred Owen (to be performed next month)
Oct 2014: Assisting CoolTan Arts at Tate Modern's Flow event in celebration of World Mental Health Day (Saturday 18th)
Oct 2014: Trailer for Konnichiwa Brick Lane as presented at Cannes Short Film Corner 2013 (Andrew Ogleby 'Man on Bus')
Oct 2014: World Mental Health Day. CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle: Innovation & Transformation (Saturday 11th)
Oct 2014: Presenting free talk/providing taster sessions at The Union Chapel (Wednesday 8th)
Sept 2014: Inner Vision Orchestra play at 
The Rich Mix (Thursday 25th)
Sept 2014: International Day of Peace Music Event (Sunday 21st) Charlton House
Sept 2014: With CoolTan Arts at the Bermondsey Street Festival (Saturday 20th)
Sept 2014: Covered clinical supervisor for 
The Acupuncture Academy (Monday 15th), Harley Street
Sept 2014: Kickstarter Campaign, a Fundraising Evening of Music and Immersive Theatre on Monday 8th (free entry)
Sept 2014: Attended Plants and Medicine Public Lecture (1st Sept). Royal College of Physicians NW1
Aug 2014: With Largactyl Shuffle 'Walk this Way' at Liberty Festival (Sat 30th) Olympic Park, London
Aug 2014: Offered a part in an upcoming WWI play about the poet Wilfred Owen,
July 2014: Joining 
Festival on The Fields 2014, Highbury Fields Saturday 12th July,
July 2014: Presented a talk/provided taster sessions at The Union Chapel, Islington (Wednesday 9th) promoting the invaluable community based complementary therapy work carried out by a local Mental Health Charity
June 2014: Cover Supervisor for Students completing Clinical Training with The Acupuncture Academy, Harley Street 
June 2014: Completed CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle - Summer Solstice Midnight Walk, Sat 21st June
June 2014: Attending on-going Monday evening Sahaja Meditation Going Deeper sessions. Remembrance Hall, Flood Street, Chelsea
June 2014: Registered with The NSUN Network for Mental Health
June 2014: Congratulations go to CoolTan Arts who have been awarded The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service
June 2014: Attended Summer Seminar on Saturday 7th June with Nora Franglen and Guy Caplan, Harley Street 
May 2014: Review of CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle @ Science Museum LATES Book Launch by Annie Spinster 
May 2014: Joined and attended a meeting of The Greenwich Enterprise Club
May 2014: Signed up for CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle - Summer Solstice Midnight Walk, Sat 21st June 
May 2014: Pictures from the 
CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle @ Science Museum LATES Book Launch
May 2014: Attended The Business Show on Friday 16th @ the Excel, London
May 2014: Further reviews of CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle @ Science Museum LATES Book Launch
May 2014: Disability Arts online review CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle @ Science Museum LATES Book Launch

May 2014: The CoolTan Arts Stays Up LATES Book and DVD is now available to view online @
April 2014: We are pleased to announce a contract has now been signed between The Dawning Company and Bang Creations for work to commence on the next phase of the Dawning Project, leading up to the development of a fully working prototype
April 2014: Largactyl Shuffle @ Science Museum LATES Book/DVD and Game launch. Showing all the talks/walks and to help celebrate the completion of the project. Monday 28th April at the Dana Centre South Kensington, London CoolTanArts
April 2014: Attended the Elite Business Conference, which included hearing inspirational talks by Lord Digby Jones and Jacqueline Gold Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London
April 2014: Attended Nationally run Walk Leader Training with CoolTan Arts, accredited by The Ramblers and We Are Macmillan. Cancer Support, CoolTan Arts
March 2014: Attended free 4 week Going Deeper Meditation Course from Monday 24th March, Remembrance Hall, Chelsea, London
March 2014: Attended the Best Practice and Networking Conference: Mental Health & Poverty Wednesday 26th March, Islington Town Hall, London 
March 2014: Attended a fabulous guided tour around Dulwich Picture Gallery, including Hockney Printmaker exhibition with CoolTan Arts
March 2014: Wrote a Largactyl Lyrical Review of the last of the Science Museum LATES with CoolTan Arts for the March Newsletter,
Feb 2014: Listed as part of cast on final credits for 'Man on Bus' role in romantic comedy short-film 'Konnichiwa Brick Lane', screened, amongst other film festivals at Festival de Cannes 
Konnichiwa Brick Lane was written and directed by Saera Jin, an exciting new Japanese film maker based in London, and produced by the extremely talented Sharon Rapose at Balancefilm

Feb 2014: Attended an excellent Oral History Training Day with On the Record and CoolTan Arts to gather voice-overs and reflect upon the recent Largactyl Shuffle project at the Science Museum,
Jan 2014: Visited Bethlem Royal Hospital (Archives and Museum) in preparation for the next LATES presentation at the Science Museum for their new exhibition, Mind Maps: Stories from Psychology (Treatment or Experiment?) with CoolTan Arts,
Jan 2014: Attended an excellent 'Turning Product Ideas into Reality' workshop with MAS, the IPO and Bang Creations

Jan 2014: Visited Hiroshima Peace Park to locate the monument donated by Richard Branson forming a friendship link with my home town of Coventry
Also met with Mito Kosei an in-utero survivor and his colleague. Here are corresponding links to articles on his blog January 6, Image and the film 'That Day' based on an interview with Mito
Following a lot of foreign interest in Mito's work, he also now has an English blog
During the same trip to Japan I visited a branch of NU Nihondo a 'New Style Kampo' based on Yin & Yang/Five Element Theory
And I visited the Mazda museum/car plant to learn about the history of Mazda, see how cars are currently manufactured and gain a glimpse of the possible future of car development
Dec 2013: Attended free event at Ealing Town Hall presenting 20 years of scientific studies by Katya Rubia (Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience) on the Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Dec 2013: Attended the Five Element Acupuncture Seminar/Clinic Day with Nora Franglen and Guy Caplan
Dec 2013: Video Blog of CoolTan Art's Largactyl Shuffle at the Science Museum LATES programme
Dec 2013: Attended this years Islington's Nags Head Christmas Extravaganza
Nov 2013: Attended the British Business Show at Olympia, London 
Nov 2013: Fantastic images surrounding the theme of Robots, Friends or Foe kindly provided by Stu MacKay for tonight's LATES programme at the Science Museum,
Nov 2013: Completed a fantastic Literary Walk with CoolTan Arts and the family of Crispin Aubery in memory of the late journalist and environmentalist cooltanarts, paperboat
Nov 2013: Became a member of the Wellcome Library

Nov 2013: Attended the Epic Entrepreneur Event hosted by Marsha Wright to celebrate the launch/signing of her new book

Nov 2013: Working with CoolTan Arts to take part in their Largactyl Shuffle project at the Science Museum, exploring different themes relating to science, mental health and art/creativity, as part of the museums LATES programme
Oct 2013: Attended East London Expo, Premier Business Event

Oct 2013: Completed a wonderfully inspiring and informative sponsored walk with CoolTan Arts to help celebrate World Mental Heath Day cooltanarts
, promo



Sept 2013: Recommenced working from the Health & Aesthetic Clinic, SE18 4LS

Sept 2013: Watch the latest Trambeat video (Robin Ogleby on saxophone) via For further information and details of all live shows, visit the official Trambeat website

Sept 2013: Attended 'Ask an Expert' session at The British Library Business & IP Centre

Sept 2013: Met with Coventry University School of Art & Design (Product and Automotive) to discuss research proposal


Go to Seyed Hadian of Natural by Nature for winning the 2013 South London Enterprise Gold Award for Best Retail Business (Health Food Shop & Therapy Rooms in Denmark Hill SE5), naturalbynature

Aug 2013: Attended British Library Business & IP Centre workshop: What Next For Your Invention?

July 2013: Took part in North Islington's, Manor Gardens Street Fair: celebrating 100 years supporting community health (Saturday 27th 12:00-6:00pm)

July 2013: Attended Islington Exhibits exploring Mental Health

June 2013: Registered with Virgin Unite, the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group  

March 2013: Congratulations go to Robert Ogleby and Wrexham F.C for winning the FA Trophy final at Wembley, beating Grimsby 4-1 on penalties

March 2013: Celebrating 90 Years of the Life and Work of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Porchester Hall, London

Feb 2013: Congratulations go to Robert Ogleby and Wrexham F.C for reaching the final of the FA Trophy at Wembley

Jan 2013: Walking the Walk: 25,000 March to Save Lewisham Hospital's A&E and Maternity Services

This really is an important cause, and would therefore encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes just a few seconds of your time. To sign the petition simply go to

Jan 2013: HiHA to advertise with The Alexandra Players again on their next production 

Jan 2013: Attended Updated First Aid Training (now covered for a further 3 years)

Nov/Dec 2012: HiHA to attend a Natural by Nature open day (Friday 30th November/Saturday 1st December) Denmark Hill, SE5

Nov 2012: HiHA took part in this year's Nags Head Christmas Extravaganza

Nov 2012: HiHA has been short-listed for this year's Vodafone World of Difference programme for voluntary work carried out 

Nov 2012: HiHA has reconnected with LinkedIn

Oct 2012: HiHA to commence working with the Greenwich Person to Person Marketplace Support Service

Oct 2012: HiHA in negotiations about working from the NBN Center, Denmark Hill SE5

Oct 2012: Four Week Sahaja Yoga Meditation Course, Greenwich,

Sept 2012: Attended live Radio 2 recording of The Beach Boys at The Mermaid Theatre

Sept 2012: 100,000 signatures are required to get a debate in the House of Commons about the potentially fatal, and little known condition Sepsis, in order to make it wider known amongst the general public and Health Professionals.

Severe Sepsis is more likely to kill you than a major heart attack even if you make it to hospital, and it kills as many people in the UK as all the deaths of breast cancer and colon cancer put together (Survive Sepsis). The rate of deaths of Sepsis in the US is also shockingly high. Yet not many people know the symptoms of Sepsis outside hospitals, not even GPs.

It would therefore be greatly appreciated if you are able to sign the petition and also bring this to the attention of your friends/acquaintances/relatives etc. who live in the UK so they can sign it as well.

You can do this by going to the Survive Sepsis website where further information surrounding this condition can also be found.

World Sepsis Day, 13th September. Article in The Metro

Trafalgar Square: displaying the wonderful spirit, colour and vibrancy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Where in time, and given the right opportunity, anything is indeed possible

It has been said that if you stay in one place long enough, you could meet again everyone you have ever known

Aug 2012: Invited to take part in CHIVA's Summer Support Camp

Aug 2012: HiHA took part in the East Greenwich Community Festival

July 2012: Attended TFV Fashion Charity Gala, The Music Room, Mayfair

July 2012: To commence working from Fitness First - Kinetic Clinics, St Paul's EC4V 4HN

June 2012: HiHA became a member of the U.K & Ireland 5 Element Acupuncture Network

June 2012: Attended a Sahaja Meditation Retreat, Bloxham Farm, Warwickshire

June 2012: Input given towards the final content of the new Kampo UK website

May 2012: Played an extra in a short film by Saera Jin 'Konnichiwa Brick Lane'

March 2012: Business 2012:

James Caan

Lord Alan Sugar

Feb 2012: Acupuncture Awareness Week 27th Feb to 4th March

Do you think acupuncture should be made more widely available on the NHS?

Jan 2012: Completed Dragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong Workshop


July 2011: Mental Health First Aid Course, Emirates Stadium, London
Feb 2011: Invited to become Resident Acupuncturist/Healer for The Kung Fu School Articles below)

Feb 2011: Commenced Taiko Drumming Training

Feb 2011: Recommenced Kung Fu Training

Jan 2011: Commencing Working from Health & Aesthetic Clinic SE18

Jan 2011: Commenced Aikido Training


July 2010: Commenced working from the Atman Clinic Tunbridge Wells

(taking over from Kirsten Diesler

June 2010: Updated First Aid Training (valid for 3 years)

May 2010: Enrolled on Japanese Language Course

March 2010: Commenced working from Westcome Park SE3

Feb 2010: Joined South East London Chamber of Commerce


2007: Main instigator behind the bid for the £2,000 awarded to The Stress Project as part of football's Premier League flagship community programme, Creating Chances 'Places for Players' Scheme with Arsenal F.C


Caricature of myself taken by the extremely talented

Saki Kataoka Object

during the recent Japan Earthquake

Healing & Counselling Day



Go to Robert Ogleby upon scoring his first international goal for Wales U21's in their 2-1 win against Northern Ireland, February 2011 Also for receiving his debut Wales U21 Cap (below) awarded for playing against Austria in November 2010, a game Wales won 1-0

The Elements in Harmony Producing the Beautiful Game...

Kung Hei Fat Choy! (Feb 2010)

New Years Affirmation (Jan 2010)

May the Fire in your heart n'er go out
May the Earth you stand upon stay stout
Let Water flow, quench, reassure and refresh
Let Wood Spring forth with direction and hope
And may Metal give inspiration and wonder all about

May all the elements protect, provide and prosper,
And conspire to bring you a long and happy ever after (December 2009)



Andrew G. Ogleby
BSc (Hons) Lic Ac. PGDip. Kampo