five element acupuncture Nature's way of bringing you Health in Harmony

Holistic Approach

Five element acupuncture is generally not symptomatically based, but has the aim that by viewing the person as a whole and addressing the underlying cause of imbalance, all other symptoms will then in-turn become restored to their natural state i.e. through treating the person instead of the dis-ease. Thus also working on many different levels, including both physical and emotional. 

Nevertheless, common conditions often initially presented for restoring include:


Physical/Emotional Well-being
Fertility Issues (male/female)
Headache/Migraine Relief
Musculo-Skeletal Relief
Respiratory/Circulatory Health 
Digestive Well-being 
Gender Specific Health Issues
Energy Metabolism 
Sleep Regularity 
Immune System Functioning 
Lifestyle Balance e.g. helping achieve ideal weight/stopping smoking

Stress Relief and Fertility Health

Since becoming an acupuncturist and continuing post-graduate studies, I have become extremely interested in stress relieving and fertility related issues, especially as stress and anxiety can be the root cause of why a person may be unable to function according to how Nature intended, with infertility being one such example of this.

Moreover, it is for this very reason why five element acupuncture can be particularly so successful, working with Nature, helping to restore harmony and well-being. Thus allowing couples, to be in the best condition by which they can then conceive, even if this is achieved through assisted means.

Lifestyle changes are also essential, as is ensuring the process remains a shared experience, whereby both partners make any necessary changes to do everything they can to try and conceive and maintain health. Similarly, it is recommended this also includes the introduction of Kampo (Japanese Herbal Medicine) to further help put the body into balance, whereby it is then able to function in a more natural way (see herbal)

Another important factor is aiming to reduce stress levels and unnecessary pressures that can prevent this from happening, as the aim should still ideally be for it to remain as enjoyable as possible, with the whole journey becoming a wonderful experience. Therefore, acupuncture can continue during and after pregnancy aiming to ensure everyone remains in the best of health. However, acupuncture can also greatly help couples deal with any emotional upset experienced throughout this whole process and it is therefore also recommended acupuncture be received for at least a few months, before undergoing any interventional measures.

five element acupuncture
aims to restore whatever is presented, no matter how big or small...


Andrew G. Ogleby
BSc (Hons) Lic Ac. PGDip. Kampo